Cheers everyone hope you all enjoyed Easter – I bet you did because I did. What with gambling and winning what else would you expect?

Condolences to all who have lost loved ones in the last month or two.

A big congratulations to my great-great moko Dante, for receiving top junior taiaha warrior at the Taumutu Āwhitu Estate during the weekend – I am very proud of you.

Matatini is over and well forgotten I suppose, but not by me as I never missed a beat. There were people who wanted to sit with their hats on in front of our table, but it was ok.

Our marae has been very busy and every week there has been a hui of some sort even (double dipping) I mean two hui at once, so it is just as well we have other whare.

Our whare is booked well into September but there could be cancellations along the way, so watch this space.

I am also still waiting for our glassware to come back from someone as they didn’t have legs or roller-skates.
Please could we have them back, and also our dish from out of the bain-mārie. We should have 30 glass bowls but we have three – same goes for our glassware. No they weren’t marked but from now on they will be.

Also when bringing kai to the marae would you please take your dishes home with you.
There are boxes of stuff here that is not ours, and if they are not collected they will be going to the Salvation Army. Well I won’t moan anymore – I bet my cousin Charlie is saying, “That’s good.”

Oh hang on, did anyone have any fried bread at Matatini, if you didn’t, well you don’t know what you missed – spread with real butter and golden syrup, also tītī, cabbage and all the frills – I think that I might have one for tea (mutton bird that is).

That is all I have to say this month, so I don’t hog up all the pages of Te Pānui Rūnaka – but who cares – catch you all later. Luv ya all, K.K.K.

P.S – they say that self-praise is no recommendation. I did praise myself in the last Te Pānui Rūnaka and as my whānau says “I am a bit of a blow hard” and why not – that is me.

Junior taiaha warrior, Dante.

Junior taiaha warrior, Dante.