Whakapapa hui

A follow-up whakapapa hui to the one we ran on 13-14 March will be held on Friday 22 and Saturday 23 May at Puketeraki Marae. Please contact the office to register your interest if you would like to attend. Accommodation will be available at the marae.

Whānau who attended the last whakapapa hui held at the old school complex in Karitāne.

Whānau who attended the last whakapapa hui held at the old school complex in Karitāne.

Hui te Rangiora Church

A service is held on the fourth Sunday of every month at Hui te Rangiora Church which is in Apes Road above Puketeraki Marae.

All enquiries should go to the rūnaka office, so please phone 03 465 7300.

Hui te Rangiora Church.

Hui te Rangiora Church.

Membership and communication

If you receive Te Pānui Rūnaka and you read the Kāti Huirapa Rūnaka ki Puketeraki page, you are most probably either a registered member, or a potential rūnaka member. If you want to register as a member, please contact Justine at the rūnaka office on [email protected].

If you are a registered member and you don’t receive the three monthly rūnaka newsletter, please also get in touch on the same email address.

It is packed with news about the whānau and is available electronically and by hard copy. Even if you are not registered, I can add you to our newsletter email distribution list.

Supporting rūnaka members

The rūnaka has a range of grants and scholarships available, and one of the most exciting is He Korowai Kōkiri. This is a pūtea that has been established to encourage rūnaka members who are pushing the boundaries and/or striving for personal development in ways that will benefit themselves and our rūnaka.

The pūtea is open to registered members of all ages with priority given to those who are already active at the marae and rūnaka, especially those in leadership or demonstrating emerging leadership.

Atawhai Parata Ellison is a recent recipient, as are Antony Deaker (Bachelor of Applied Management) and Aroha Ellison (indigenous exchange to Hawaii). Phyllis Smith (tukutuku exhibition at Te Papa) and Haines Ellison (Indigenous Lawyers Conference) are two past recipients.

This initiative grew from a desire to support members to participate in such things as Aoraki Bound and TUIA 2013. Find out more about this grant and the other grants and scholarships by contacting Justine Marshall at the rūnaka office. Phone 03 465 7300 or email [email protected].

Office contacts

The physical office address and details are as follows: 121 Grimness St, Karitane 9440. Marae: 520 Apes Road, Karitane. Postal: C/- Karitane PDC, Karitane 9440. Phone: 03 465 7300 or fax 03 465 7318.