This year Ōraka Aparima Waka Ama entered the Waka Te Tasman event at Kaiteriteri as a mixed crew. Most of the crew departed Invercargill on Wednesday 12 November at 4.30am to begin the journey north.

We arrived in Kaiteriteri on Thursday 13 November and had booked an awesome holiday home, which looked out over the Kaiteriteri beach and bay.

On the day of the event the wind picked up and the course of the events were changed. It was a challenge paddling for our crew from the deep south but we did the best we could. And while we didn’t gain a place we certainly learnt plenty from competing and participating; we were very happy to complete the last event.

For our club down here in the deep south – running for just four years – these events are our training ground and where we learn not only from our own journey but from other crews and clubs at the events.

We would like to thank all our whānau who supported us during our fundraising and special thanks to our rūnaka for their continued support – we really appreciate it.

We would also like to make special mention to those partners and hubby’s –Tauti (you rock Tauti) and our kids, who not only supported us in Kaiteriteri but also in the lead-up to the competition. We couldn’t have done it without you all. Nā, Pimp my waka crew mixed crew, Ōraka-Aparima Waka Ama.

The waka ama crew.

The waka ama crew.