On Friday 24 October, we held the Crofts whānau hui. The day started off with a whakataukī for all our Australian Crofts whānau. We then had kai and what a spread it was. You name it, it was all there.

The days were wonderful catching up with all the whānau – “whanaungatanga.” We all cruised along eating on Saturday. We drank some nice drinks that were made with ice cream – someone told us it was non-alcoholic, so I put it in our jugs, then Amiria told us it had vodka in it, so we double dipped and of course we got a bit sleepy.

The whitebait patties were so large, one was enough – they were very yummy. We also had prawns, tītī and shrimps. Whatever you are thinking we had, we did and I didn’t have to do anything (good eh). I just sat at the table, ate and then walked away – it was so lovely to be waited on (pampered).

Darin and Selina went home to Aussie on Monday. Josie and John then left, followed by our cousins Michael and Joan.

A perfect Labour Weekend had come to an end. Sunday evening was wind-up night and at six o’clock, some of them were going to bed. It was good, until one of the night owls who slept beside me started to snore, so I got out of there smartly.

Oh I forgot to tell you that when the Australia whānau arrived at the marae they were all dressed in lemon and black (so neat). The men wore black and lemon jackets and caps and the women wore the same but they had lovely scarves and hand bags. What do you think Salina said? “Aunty would you like my bag and scarf” – I nearly knocked her over with my hugs and kisses. Josie is going to give hers to Mere Crofts but my cousin will also get one.

After cleaning up – not that there was much mess – we were away home with memories of a wonderful Labour Weekend. Our compliments to our wonderful nephew Anaru and his merry band of kitchen helpers – love you all, and also to our lovely nieces and nephews, who spoilt us oldies rotten. It was so lovely, thanks. So until 2024 whānau, I’ll be seeing you. (Stretching your luck a bit Patricia…No harm in trying). Nā K.K.K.