Big ticket items

Saturday 10 May: Strategic Plan 2035 wānanga with Selwyn Hayes (Ernst & Young).
The wānanga will address our current 5-year strategy with the intention for our executive (governors) of our Mahinga Kai Cultural Park to be setting our 10-year strategic plans. Our rūnanga will invite our membership to engage in what we want a 20-year plan to look like.

What will the Ōnuku Rūnanga 2035 Strategic Plan look like? This will be published in our 2014 Annual Plan. A one-pager with vision, mission, values, goals, strategies and measurements all within our Mahinga Kai Cultural Park

Sunday 11 May: Portfolio team leaders budget wānanga
This contestable funding round is an annual event before we close off this financial year and enter the July year with our proposed budgets across governance and management.

Mid-May: Amiria Puhirere (our whare kai ) and the adjoining ablution block is set to be demolished. Preparation for the rebuild of our whare kai is underway. This journey will be updated through Te Pānui Rūnaka and on our website. What else…. … from the grass roots we are developing our Ōnuku mahinga kai standards training in good governance practice for beginners.