Home Performance advisors announced

After an intensive training programme, Awarua Synergy now boasts some of the country’s first nationally-certified Home Performance Advisors (HPA) as part of their team.

HPA certification ensures our advisors service clients based on the core principles that advice should be  independent, based on best practice and good science, personalised and in the best interests of the client. It ensures the highest level of competency and professional standards are met, and advice is delivered in an honest and ethical manner.

Southland residents can have confidence that when they engage with Awarua Synergy’s certified advisors they will get high quality, individualised advice, and be provided with a robust set of recommendations and actions to help improve the performance of their home and quality of their life.

HPA advisors have custom ID proving their accreditation. The recent discussion of a warrant of fitness for homes is due to numerous houses demonstrating problems that can cause health issues, and/or long term damage to the structure (of the house). Our advisors can diagnose areas of concern, and recommend optimal solutions for house performance, energy efficiency, as well as monetary and health gains.

Get in now and book your home assessment with a certified Home Performance Advisor contact Awarua Synergy on 03 214 2927 or www.awaruasynergy.co.nz

Emil Rahiti, Awarua Synergy Home Performance Advisor.

Emil Rahiti, Awarua Synergy Home Performance Advisor.