As March approaches our thoughts are on the forthcoming tītī season. We wish whānau who are going to the islands a safe and bountiful journey. If you have enjoyed a birthday in the last month or have new additions to your whānau, congratulations and here’s wishing you all good health and prosperity for the year ahead.

The past month has seen a two significant events take place. Earlier in the month, the first of a number of pou to be located in Fiordland, were installed in Charles Sound. The poupou have been placed to mark the marine reserves in Fiordland. This project was instigated by the Fiordland Marine Guardians.

These poupou were commissioned with pūtea from The Ngāi Tahu Fund and the Department of Conservation.
Ōraka Aparima Rūnaka engaged Bubba Thompson to construct and carve the poupou. These pou will stand as guardians over the marine reserves and in doing so, have allowed the opportunity for Ngāi Tahu to put their mark on the land and re-establish our association within Fiordland National Park. The names put to these pou will recall the whakapapa of those deities, early travellers and whānui, who moved about this place in times long ago. The pou will remind those who have lost that knowledge, of the whakapapa and the historical significance of these sites to the Ngāi Tahu peoples.

Stewart Bull with the Fiordland pou.

Stewart Bull with the Fiordland pou.

Whale stranding

The tragic stranding of a pod of orcas at Rarakou in Te Waewae Bay created worldwide media attention. This event created a massive workload for whānau, who were involved in the recovery of these tohorā.

A huge thank you to all of the volunteers, who gave their time to this mahi. A review process is underway and a more comprehensive report on this incident will follow once the review has been completed.