The tuna season started on 1 February.
The lake is a customary lake and only those of Kāi Tahu descent can hold a permit.

A permit is required if you are fishing for more than six tuna. Permits can be arranged via the Wairewa Rūnanga office, 03 377 1513 or [email protected] and can be picked up at Rehua Marae (top floor) between 9.30am – 3pm, Monday – Friday.


  • weekly limit of 200 eels only per permit
  • permit must be held while fishing
  • permits will be available from our office if enough notice is given or from tangata tiaki
  • no catch returns, no more permits, no excuses
  • no fishing in canal
  • fishing in drains only (no tubbing)
  • this is a customary fishery (no sale of eels)
  • help to prepare drains
  • no walking in the drains
  • no crossing or bridging drains
  • only take as many as you can clean and process
  • the season is from February to April only
  • catch tally must be returned to tangata tiaki who signed it before the next permit is issued
  • have consideration for others while using lights
  • keep noise to a minimum at all times
  • season ends on drains when big females arrive or when tangata tiaki decide. No more permits will be issued after this date. Lake likely to be opened at this time
  • if fishery continues to decline we may have to consider a Rāhui
  • no alcohol or food to be consumed at the drains
  • no urinating in or near drains
  • no hīnaki or any other form of trap or net is permitted
  • share the drains.