E aku nui kai kā tōpito o te motu, tātou katoa te kotahi o Tahu Pōtiki, nei te mihi kau atu, tēnā rā tātou katoa.

Ki a rātou kua haere ki tua o te tatau pounamu, rātou kua karakahia e Tahu Kumea, e Tahu Whakairo, ka rere a waikamo, ka heke a hupe, ka hotu i kā tauwharewhare o te manawa. Koutou te huka mate, haere, haere, haere atu rā. Rātou ki a rātou, tātou kā waihotaka o rātou mā, ki a tātou, tēnā rā tātou katoa.

Mā te whakaarotahi i ia whakatupuraka ka puta kā pūkeka auahataka ki te taiohi. Ka roko ana te taiohi i kā kōrero pakiwaitara, pūrākau tuku iho a ō rātou tūpuna, kua kite rātou i kā tauira kai te hora mō ō rātou ao.

Rūnanga website

A reminder that the website is up and running at
www.wairewamarae.co.nz We look forward to hearing your feedback and how you would like to see it evolve to best meet the needs of you and your whānau.

Marae working bee

A big mihi to Whaea Makere Pike, Pattyanne Oberst , Ngaire Karst, Sampson and Renata Karst for helping with the working bee at the marae. Not the best turn out, but you all helped with clearing the harakeke away from the gate and pathway. It also meant that Whaea Makere and Pattyanne got to load the car with harakeke, so they could go home and spend the afternoon weaving.

Whaea Makere Pike and Pattyanne Oberst loading the car with harakeke.

Whaea Makere Pike and Pattyanne Oberst loading the car with harakeke.

Tuna heke

Due to the recent flooding in Little River and the height of the lake, the Christchurch City Council decided to open the lake through the canal on Thursday 6 March.The causeway had blown open due to the huge southerly swells rolling down the canal on Tuesday 4 March at 9am, and the tuna were pooling at the mouth.

With the lake open to the sea via the canal and the tuna able to migrate to their spawning grounds, the Tangata Tiaki have closed the Tuna season for 2014. No more permits will be issued for 2014. Can you please pass this on to your rūnanga members and fishers who would be interested.

Causeway blown open.

Causeway blown open.

Photo library

We are building up a library of photos that we can use on various pieces of communication such as our website, annual reports and pānui. We have many but we also need consent before we can use them. If you have any photos of whānau at the marae, lake, or other appropriate locations and you would be happy for us to use them from time to time please email them through to communications at Wairewa. The email address is [email protected]

We will then get in touch with you to organise a written consent. It would be wonderful to see as many different whānau on our communications as possible, so we would absolutely love to hear from you.

Memataka – membership database

Nau mai tauti mai ki Wairewa. We wish to extend a warm welcome to new members and to ask you to encourage any whānau not registered to do so. It is also important that you encourage one another who are registered, to update us with any change of details as they occur. We have increasing numbers of rejecting emails and returned postal mail. Stay up to date with what’s happening, and notify changes by emailing the rūnanga office at [email protected]

Uta – contributions

Te kopa iti a Raureka – The small purse of Raureka. Even if it is small we really appreciate any contributions you have for Te Pānui Rūnaka. Please email any photos and information as it comes to light. Births, deaths, weddings, achievements, something you want to share. We can’t promise that we will be able to include everything but we will do our best. Again please email [email protected] or post a hard copy to Wairewa Rūnanga, PO Box 2845 Christchurch 8013.