Well, here we go again, just a wee bit of gossip to start with. First of all my sister, Glorianna Hill, Susan, Joann Melodee, Panapa, Whaitiri, Peter and Joan Hills – our deepest sympathy to you all on the passing of Ipiha, who has gone to join his cousins, Jumbo and Danny. “Party on boys. Also to the whānau of Anaru Matthews, our deepest sympathy to you all.

Tuahiwi has had a very busy week, what with hail stones, rain, then the very hot days, but don’t moan cause everything is ka pai.

On Friday 28 February, we had Healthy Day at the pā and what a day. We talked about healthy food and then, for shared kai after our hui, we had quite a spread – cream cakes, savouries – you name it, we had it. Hōhipera sure knows how to fatten people up.

I suppose you all know that Tuahiwi kaumātua are putting a team in for Waipounamu regionals, so look out all you young ones – be aware of the kaumātua teams. All jokes aside, I think it is going to be just wonderful.

Well, it’s getting close to pokie machine hour so I must hurry. Cheers for now and more next time. By the way Tuahiwi is missing some glass dishes from the cupboard so if you have any please return as soon as possible. Luv ya. Aunty Pat (K.K.K.)

Waitangi Day catch-up

Kelven Crawford (Ngāi Tūāhuriri) and his wife Chris were delighted to catch up with Dr Terry Ryan at Rehua Marae on Waitangi Day.

It was a great chance for them to share memories from the old days when Kelven first knew Terry. He was just a tama of fifteen at the old Armagh Street Māori Affairs office then, making cups of milo (two sugars and a little milk for Terry and one for himself), while having a kōrero. Kelven is from the Rickus, Wakefield and Crawford whānau.

Kelven and Chris Crawford with Terry Ryan.

Kelven and Chris Crawford with Terry Ryan.