Ngā mate

Kia ora koutou katoa – just a little joke first
On the day that Johnno passed away, it was the second anniversary of my baby Danny-boy’s death.
So I rang Lizzie to tell her of this
So she said, Uncle Danny has opened the pearly gates for Uncle Johnno,” so I said
“Aunty Rua did the karanga”
“Ramari and Hori did the waiata”
“Aunty Biddy the catering”
“Jum, Danny Ernie the liquor”
So what a lovely whānau hui they had.

So all jokes aside – yes we have laid our brother to rest. God bless him. He had a wonderful send off. We will sure miss him at our rūnanga meetings – no one to argue with. Whānau have returned to paradise (Mahia) safely. He always spoke of paradise (Mahia), which I must say is a wonderful place. After cleaning the marae we all went home to have a good rest. On the Saturday, Reimona and whānau had a lovely barbecue and drinks afternoon for all the helpers. Ringawera you were all so lovely. Thank you very much. Well I must go now as my programme is on telly (Deal or No Deal).
So cheers till maybe next time.
Luv you all,
Aunty Pat (K.K.K)

Ngaitahupotiki Hopkinson
(Tamatāne, Toa-Rakatira, Paapaa, Haakoro)

“E tamatoa o Matamata, maraka mai ki ruka, e mau ki tōu patu pounamu, kōrero i o tohu, te kura tākai puni,
Te-Toka-Tū-Moana Tūāhuriri, ki uta,
Te-Toka-Tū-Moana Tūāhuriri, ki tai,
Te-Toka-Tū-Moana i te tukutahi whakarere”
O son of Matamata, cease thy slumbers, arise, stand forth and grip the ultimate battle axe
(patu pounamu), speak of what will occur , is it to be the onward charge the sea-grit rock defence, or the tumultuous headlong charge”

As we stood solemnly and quietly upon El Alamein (Urupā-Humārie ), on a warm afternoon (38 degrees C), we listened to the tributes and poroporoaki resounding throughout that bare, desert, Kauhaka-a-riri. You made me quietly proud of my Toa-Rakatira heritage via Sgt Paora Tuhea Ngawaea Pitama, Sgt Eutahi Tahumataa Pitama MM me Cpl Hare Kaahu Pitama, D Company, 28 Māori Battalion.

It was the wisdom of you and your comrades that led us to paying tribute in the Soldati Germanico Urupā-Humārie of Cassino. Such an amazing experience. It was the first time ever that allied troops had ever paid respects to  an extremely competent enemy ‘1st Parachute Brigade’.

We visited an Italian whānau who had been rescued by the Māori Battalion (two brothers) and now at least 200 descendants who swamped us with food Italiano, vino, hugs and dance and a zest for living.

We’ll never forget Trieste, a German camp that gassed 5,000 Jews and prisoners of war. Again, members of the 28 Māori Battalion freed the few prisoners that escaped gassing.

We remember the nail marks “ripped into concrete walls” some of them made when trying hard to escape and we held a karakia. For a short time the souls of those 5000 were in prayer. Nā Riki Te Mairaki Pitama, proud son of Cpl Hare Kaahu Pitama.

Korōria Fowler (née Pitama)
(Tamāhine, Tuahine, Whaea, Tāua-Whakaruruhau)
He aha rā te hau e pā nei? 
(What is this breeze that blows near here?)
Tērā ia te matarae a Maukatere,
(Out there is the headland of Maukatere)
Te kōtiro, nā to pāpā,
(You are a daughter of your father)
Oma ana i te takutai one kei Ihutai,
(hasten onwards to the tidal wetland of Ihutai)
Kai whea rā, ki tāu pōtiki?
(where is your beloved child?)

Kororia, Urukehu Maataamua O Hoani Maaka Te Wharepirau Tuwhakaueka Pitama ka noho ia a Ruta Mania Piki.

Until you returned home Korōria, I only knew of you, Urukehu (red-haired, fair-skinned descendant of our ancient forbears), very much like your baby sister, Ariana, ahakoa, absolute opposites by temperament, whom at times was brought up alongside my siblings and I. 

We got to know each other and exchange whānau information, as you slowly unwound from your southern experience. I admired your dedication to your sons Luke and Justin. You opened up a bit more when you and your tuahine Mania joined the Ngāi Tūāhuriri kaumātua kapa haka. 

You made a fierce comment about your southern experiences and I decided not to seek any further explanation.  We had some precious  opportunities to sit and talk. Korōria, according to my cardio-thoracic surgeon, you had desperately tried to get into the ward to speak to me. You told my surgeon that he was to ensure I survived the surgery. Our whānau will miss your quiet, calm, presence moe mai rā.
Nā Riki Te Mairaki Pitama.

Kia Kūrapa ki Tuahiwi 28-30 March 2014

Kia Kūrapa is a weekend of te reo Māori wānaka for those who are at beginners and intermediate levels. A friendly reminder to those who are registed, please remember places are limited and Ngāi Tahu registered members will be first priority. If you are interested in registering please fill out the form ( and return it to Brett Lee.

When 28-30 March
Where Tuahiwi Marae.

Section 33 Kaiapoi Māori Reserve 873 Determination of Ownership

Kia ora whānau, I have been requested by the Māori Land Court to host a hui with any whānau who are, or could be, or who would love to be, interested in the above take, to come and hear and kōrero about my application to the Tupuna – Pene Parekuku – who was the Original Grantee of the above section.
I propose to hold this hui on 2 March, at Tuahiwi Marae from 10am to 12.30pm. Please come.

Noho ora mai, Aroha H Reriti-Crofts CBE JP