Welcome to 2014 whānau.
Here are some important dates to remember:

  • 9 March: strategic plan wānanga
  • 13 April: rūnanga meeting
  • 11 May: budget wānanga
  • 8 June: rūnanga meeting
  • 13 July: wānanga
  • 10 August: rūnanga meeting
  • 14 September: wānanga
  • 12 October: AGM and treasurer election
  • 9 November: wānanga
  • 14 December: rūnanga meeting.

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Environment portfolio update Takapuneke Management Plan

Ōnuku Rūnanga are to elect three representatives to the Takapuneke Reserve Co-Governance Committee. A cultural advisory committee will be formed consisting of whānau, who have historical knowledge of Takapuneke Council and it has been agreed to let us lead the development of a master plan. The master plan therefore will more directly reflect the visions the whānau have been developing over the years.

Akaroa wastewater

A new committee is yet to be formed to guide and participate in the process of research and trials with regards to wastewater re-use. Council has also requested that the consultancy team from Beca and the council officers involved in the designing and engineering of the new treatment plant, wish to have a cultural induction hui at Ōnuku to learn about Takapuneke and the history of Ōnuku.

Office contact details

As re-location to new premises for our office is still underway, operations manager, Liz Robinson can be contacted at 03 9603476 or 021 816 359, email [email protected]. PO Box 18-796, New Brighton, Christchurch 8641.

Fish surveys in the Taumatakahu

Environment Canterbury is undertaking some fish passage assessments and electrofishing surveys over the next 5-6 weeks within the Taumatakahu Stream, and within small waterways between the Ōpihi and Ōrari river mouths.

The objective of these surveys is to identify any barriers to fish passage and potential opportunities to retrofit or remove these barriers to promote fish passage. The surveys are completed up to 20km inland from the coast. The focus will be on our native migrators and trying to protect and enhance the habitat available for these fish.
Dave Kelly (Environment Canterbury senior surface water quality scientist) will be the technical lead. He has a student called Jessica Hill, who will be undertaking the work, with support from our team. Nā Emma Coleman

He Manu Hou

Do you want your tamariki and mokopuna to grow up speaking te reo?

Kia ora whānau. We are looking for families in the South Canterbury rohe who have tamariki/mokopuna under the age of five, and would love to raise them speaking te reo Māori.

He Manu Hou is a trust established in 2013 with the aim of setting up a Kōhanga Reo (Māori-medium early childhood centre) for the area. If you have tamariki/mokopuna under the age of five, or if you would like to be part of our team in other ways (i.e as a kaiako or kaiāwhina), then we would love to hear from you. Please leave your details with Gwen in the office, or you can contact me: Kari Moana Kururangi, email: [email protected] or phone 021 999 552.

Kūmara Vine 2014

A reminder that contributions to the Kūmara Vine are due at 5pm on the following dates:
copy for March issue due 19 February; April issue: copy due 24 March; May issue copy due 18 April. Please send all submissions to [email protected]
When submitting photos, please send them as attached JPEG files (not embedded in copy) and please ensure that all people in stories are named. We’re looking forward to receiving all your 2014 news.

Te Pao a Tahu
Te Pao a Tahu is a new kapa haka group that aims to promote Ngāitahutanga. We are a group of rangatahi with a shared love of singing and performing haka, waiata and mōteatea. We have started a new kapa with the intention to bring together like-minded people. Our immediate goal is to compete in the upcoming 2014 Waitaha Kapa Haka Competition and Te Matatini 2015, with the ongoing goal of continuing to perform and promote Ngāi Tahu focused content. We welcome anyone and everyone interested in kapa haka. We are based in Christchurch and you can visit us on our Facebook Page: Te Pao a Tahu.