Te Whare Pūrākau in partnership with Te Wānanga o Raukawa will be delivering a number of certificate, diploma and degree courses throughout 2014. These marae-based tertiary-level courses are delivered from Tuahiwi Marae and our offices in central Christchurch. Te Whare Pūrākau has spent two years building capacity and working on infrastructure and we are now ready to offer these courses to not only Ngāi Tahu but the wider South Island community.

Empowering our people and uplifting our marae forms the basis of these courses. Marae-based studies are about our whānau learning about themselves, on our marae and being taught by our own people. There is no better place for learning kaupapa Māori than on the marae and this is putting learning back in its rightful place.

The kaupapa of Te Whare Pūrākau is to develop smart and healthy Māori and the courses will help us achieve these goals. We have an excellent academic partner in Te Wānanga o Raukawa and we have had a strong relationship with them for several years. We are very confident that together, we can do good work for our people. We are currently enrolling students for these courses in 2014.

Degree in Mātauranga Māori
Students need to complete year one and two of this programme to be eligible.

Diploma in Mātauranga Māori
This course introduces students to explanations of tikanga Māori based on concepts handed down through generations. Te whakamāramatanga o ngā tikanga tuku iho e puta ai te titiro a te Māori ki tōna ao. It is about understanding our world as Māori and through the Māori world view.

These programmes look at Māori knowledge as our tūpuna understood it, as we understand it today and as it will be applied tomorrow.

Diploma in Māori Medicine (Rongoā)
The aim of the Heke Rongoā is to produce graduates with a good foundation of mātauranga Māori – students who are able to describe and contribute to the promotion of good health. The course will provide instruction in the values, principles and practices of Māori healing, known as rongoā. This programme develops bilingual and bicultural practitioners in traditional and contemporary Māori healing for whānau, hapū and iwi, Māori and non-Māori organisations.

Diploma in Sport and Exercise
The Poutuarongo Kawa Oranga is a study of Māori health promotion, sport and exercise with a focus on the promotion of wellness through physical activity. Key areas of the programme are learning about kaupapa and tikanga in relation to healthy lifestyles, and the role of kawa in sport and exercise. The programme provides a balance of classroom theory, practical application in a fitness facility, whakatupu mātauranga on hapū and iwi, and practical experience with sporting groups and organisations in the community.

Certificate in Te Reo Māori
Poupou Huia Te Reo is a *free online course made up of a series of audio lessons and online activities. Well-known fairy tales and the daily activities of a real whānau provide a context for learning. Students can fashion a learning schedule that suits their daily routine. Aimed at beginners through to intermediate learners, Poupou Huia Te Reo teaches language intended for use in the home, at work and in everyday situations. Students will learn how to talk about common activities in a way that reflects Māori ways of thinking and doing things.

Certificate in Karanga
The Poupou Karanga programme is offered to women who wish to learn the art form of karanga. The richness of our heritage will be examined. We will call upon the knowledge of our tūpuna wāhine and examine the values and principles of pūrākau (Māori legend stories) and their relevance to karanga. It aims to bring forth from each individual, a creative life which reflects the values of our past, our present and our future. The Poupou Karanga course will instil participants with a deep appreciation of this traditional art form.

Certificate in Whaikōrero
This certificate is for those who have an intermediate level (or above) ability in Te Reo Māori and some experience in whaikōrero. The aim of Poupou Whaikōrero is to enhance your capability in whaikōrero, both as an art form and mode of communication, in a variety of situations. This will be achieved by adding to your kete kōrero in the various sections of whaikōrero and through instruction in the use of voice, stance, rākau and other delivery methods.

Certificate in Performing Arts
The emphasis for Poupou Whare Tapere is to introduce students to the concept and origins of Whare Tapere through exploration of traditional stories, using Atua Māori and other natural phenomena. Opportunities for students to enhance their understanding and capability in waiata, both as an art form and method of communication, are promoted. Students will engage in a number of group activities, including research and performance.

All of these courses will help build the capacity of your people on the marae. If you want to speak to us about delivering a course on your marae contact us directly on [email protected] or 0800 926 2642 or 027 542 8163.