KMK Kāika Reo Profile

The Moeraki Reo Group began as a whānau initiative in 2011, formed to bring te reo Māori classes to Moeraki via regular wānanga. Inspired by the success of our reo champions, the whānau sought assistance to bring te reo back to the marae. With support from Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu, Moeraki was able to secure the delivery of Akona te Reo, a level 5 Certificate in Māori Language for whānau. The whānau were elated to learn that their efforts would yield a recognised qualification and that the tutors for the programme were our own, Hana O’Regan and Justin Tipa.

There was a large turnout with over 20 people participating in the initial course. As we only met at wānanga, it was decided that we would apply to the Kotahi Mano Kaikā Fund to support us outside of the classroom with whakawhanaungatanga events. The purpose of these events was to encourage the use of te reo outside the classroom and to provide positive reinforcement to our rangatahi.

Reo classes were held on a regular basis, once a month, with several noho marae. The whānau hosted a variety of events in-between classes, which included pizza and game nights, a whānau picnic at Hui-ā-Iwi, ten-pin bowling and a whānau dinner. These events enabled whānau to utilize the reo that they have been learning in an everyday setting. It also provided an entertaining environment for our rangatahi to participate in and use the reo they had been surrounded by.

Several rewarding moments have come out of our whānau events – like hearing our children begin to speak te reo, when they have not done so previously; and having Sarah-Jane Paki and Joanna Petrie attend Kura Reo and thoroughly enjoy the experience. These were extremely rewarding moments.

The whānau began the last segment of Akona te Reo in August. The completion of the course marked the end of this journey, but it certainly won’t be our last journey. We would like to thank Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu and Kotahi Mano Kāika for their assistance and support to establish this programme and provide our whānau with the wonderful opportunities to embrace the reo and share it with our loved ones.

Te Whānau o Moeraki celebrating our language while playing tenpin bowling.

Te Whānau o Moeraki celebrating our language while playing tenpin bowling.