Waihōpai Rūnaka Incorporated

Notice of Appointment Committee Nominations
Waihōpai Rūnaka Incorporated wishes to inform current and potential members of the Rūnaka of its intention to conduct a vote for members to the Waihōpai Rūnaka Appointment Committee. Once elected, the Appointment Committee will be responsible for appointing the Representative and Alternate Representative of the rūnaka to represent the interests of the rūnaka at meetings of Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu.

The rūnaka has received five nominations to date, and rūnaka rules state that it must have six or more nominations, to enable an election postal vote. If you would like to be a member of the Appointment Committee, you must meet all the relevant criteria, including at the time of acting to appoint a Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu Representative or Alternate, not be seeking appointment to either of those positions.

Existing valid nominations for the Appointment Committee are deemed to remain valid unless the person nominated contacts the rūnaka and withdraws their nomination. Those people who have established their entitlement to vote under the rūnaka constitution by 5pm on Monday 16 September 2013 will be able to vote.

Nominations for the Appointment Committee must be received by the office of Waihōpai Rūnaka Inc by 5pm, Monday 16 September 2013, PO Box 7017, Invercargill, 9812 or 408 Tramway Road, Invercargill 9812.

Members of the rūnaka who have previously been registered are encouraged to ensure that their contact details, as held by Waihōpai Rūnaka, are correct.
For nomination forms please contact the Waihōpai Rūnaka Office, telephone: 03 216 9074, or email
[email protected]