The 10th annual puaka will be held by our social and health portfolio from 15-18 July this year. The focus will be on environmental issues effecting sustainability, new life beginnings, health and well-being and whanaukataka (whānau intervention).

Project coordinator, Mel Tainui, says whānau will have the opportunity to take part in mahi toi, mahinga kai, taonga kemu (games such as ki o rahi) and learn traditional teachings taught by hau kāika (the home people knowledge passed through generations) and lecturers.

The puaka is an annual event planned to teach these sustainable methods and information as well as rongoā Māori, ointment-making, healthy lifestyle plans, preserving for winter, planting and mau rākau.

“As a path facilitator, I would like to offer whānau a different way help them reach their potential and fulfil their dreams and aspirations. This path is a tool that works with the whānau or individuals to accomplish a more desirable future.

“To signify the end of a cycle and the beginning of winter, whānau will participate in tree planting, waiata and a harvesting ceremony to collaborate memories, achievements and future aspirations.”

For more information, and to register for Ōnuku Puaka 2013, please contact the office:
[email protected] or phone 03 356 2723.