Ngā mate haere, haere, haere ki te kāinga tūturu o ngā tūpuna, haere, haere, haere atu rā  Kia ora  whānau, summer is definitely over and the days are shorter, darker, and colder. Wrap up warm and have heaps of laughter, cuddles, hot soup and stews. Sounds good to me.

It’s so good to have our toilets and kitchen finally done and they look awesome. It’s a very warm marae now, so feel free to pop up and have a look whānau. We’ve had a lot of hui over the last  three weeks – and that was with the builders and plumbers there as well. But it’s worked out really well – and that’s because our tāua and whānau in the kitchen just got on and did it. Everything is looking good at the marae thanks to the many volunteers – about seven of them – who work tirelessly. A big thanks to you all.

Cyril Gilroy with the certificate he was presented with for long service to the Community Law Centre. The presentation took place in Wellington on 12 April. Cyril is the chairperson and iwi liaison for the Murihiku Community Law Centre.

We have a new permanent part-time young woman, Aroha Roberts, as head cook and so far it’s very, very good. Her tāne also helps out as well, so we get two for one and it’s great.

My cousin Deb and I attended the Bluff ANZAC day early morning service with about 50 other people in the rain and wind but it was a very good day.

Some of the hui that we have had include Te Here Kākano, Dads’ brekkie, pre-entry nurses, the tikanga programme and our normal hui like rūnaka meetings.

I was mowing the lawn on our new ride on Ferrari lawn mower the other day and I thought the ground was dry – it seemed to be to me – but going downhill she just slid all the way to the bottom. Thank heavens I missed the gorse bush. I was a happy, non-prickly chappie.

Take the time to awhi each other folks – talk to each other and enjoy each other’s company and I will leave you with this thought, “One heart many lives.”

Aroha nui. nā Squirrel on the Hill.

Cyril Gilroy and Lyndal Beer (our nurse) wrapping muffins that Lyndal had baked.