The tuna season has started. The lake is a customary lake and only those of Kāi Tahu descent can hold a permit. A permit is required if you are fishing for more than six tuna. Permits can be arranged via the Wairewa Rūnanga Office, 377 1513 or [email protected] and can be picked up at Rehua Marae (top floor) 9am–4.30pm, Monday – Friday. Permits will last a week, with a maximum of 200 tuna allowed per permit, per week. Permits can be issued in advance, so you can plan ahead and get a permit for the week you plan to go fishing. Only one permit will be issued at a time, and if no returns are given, no new permit will be issued.

Nāhaku noa,
Nā Wairewa tāngata tiaki
Robin Wybrow, Rei Simon, John Boyles, Theo Bunker, Iaean Cranwell, Wayne Robinson.