On Friday 1 March at Tuahiwi Marae, the six rūnanga who had been working collectively on behalf of their hapū, hosted Environment Canterbury commissioners, mayors, councillors, senior managers and staff of local authorities, to formally launch and lodge the Mahaanui Iwi Management Plan (IMP). The iwi management plan reflects three years of collaboration by the rūnanga. It’s hoped that it will be used by rūnanga, councils and other agencies when they are making decisions about the management of resources and the environment, Ki Uta Ki Tai, from the mountains to the sea.

The day was fantastic, he namunamuā te kai, the food was scrumptious and thanks to the Aunties at Tuahiwi for keeping everyone well-fed. Uncle Rik humoured everyone and kept them under control. We also welcomed the mauri from Te Matatini into Maahunui II. To the team at Mahaanui Kurataiao for making this happen, along with the IMP working group and Dyanna Jolly for three years of hard work. He mihi kau atu ki koutou katoa.

Iaean Cranwell (Wairewa) and Wade Wereta-Osborn (Koukourarata) carrying the mauri for Te Matatini 2015.