Kāi Tahu Migration Haereka part 2

The story of Kāi Tahu migration was picked up in a two day wānaka in January, where we explored the movements and interactions in this area of Taoka and Te Wera, Moki II and other whanauka.

The first stop on the haereka was Huriawa, where Matapura Ellison recounted the exploits of our tīpuna that unfolded at Huriawa and across at Mapoutahi and also at Pukekura.

This was the start of seeing those places, hearing the stories and reading for ourselves about the people, places and events at that time of the migration of Tahu into this area. As we traversed the local coastline the stories, the inter-connectedness and the varying perspectives were picked up at kāika, pā and places of encounter. Then we headed north to pick up their stories at Te Raka a Hineatea at Kātiki Point and then at Te Umu Kaha and the surrounding area.

The wānaka proved to be informative and culturally significant for those involved, as well as being very enjoyable. Good company and good kai were a winning combination. The natural beauty of our environment and the richness of wildlife also enhanced the overall experience.

We watched toroa enjoy the breeze at Pukekura, hoiho sunning themselves at Kātiki and kōtuku feeding at Milford Lagoon. But special mention must be made of our intrepid leader Matapura Ellison, who again guided us on our haereka, and organised the knowledgeable mana whenua pū kōrero of each place; he mihi mīharo ki a Tahu Potiki, David Higgins, Karl Russell and Te Wera King. We acknowledge the generous contribution of the Ngāi Tahu Fund in making the haereka happen.

However there were more sites of significance to visit than could be crammed into the short time-frame, so we are planning a one-day follow up trip to complete this part of the haereka story. There are a number of places in the Waitaki Valley that are important taoka and it is these places the trip will be focused on. If you couldn’t make either of the previous haereka you could still pick up an important part of the historical context of Kāi Tahu migration by understanding where taoka fits.

We have pencilled in Monday 1 April (Easter) for this trip and would like to get an indication of who is available on this date. Transport will be provided but everyone is asked to bring their own kai and drink for the day (packed lunch and so on). Please contact the Rūnaka Office to register for this trip.

Migration haereka rōpū at entranceway to Huriawa Peninsula. Left to right: Brendan Flack, Suzi Flack, Jane Graveson, Carolynn Bull, Lyn Carter, Geoff Lowe, Ria Brodie, John Broughton, Jenny Smith, Phyllis Smith, Matapura Ellison and Carolyn Campbell. (Suzanne Ellison photographer).

Seeking membership – komiti kaupapa taiao

This sub-committee of Kāti Huirapa Rūnaka meets about every two months to discuss issues that impact on the wellbeing of Ngāi Tahu in our rohe. These include; environmental issues, including resource consent applications, fresh water quality, government policy, Department of Conservation (DOC) and Otago Regional Council (ORC) plans, flora and fauna study, permit requests, access, pounamu resource use, as well as many other topics.

Our komiti kaupapa taiao has good relationships with authorities and agencies such as DOC and ORC. It’s with this in mind that we invite rūnaka members with a passion for conservation and the environment to join us in gaining and sharing knowledge, which can be fed back to those who ask for our advice.

If you would like to be part of this komiti, can you please contact the rūnaka office [email protected] to register your interest. We keep members well informed of all issues and requests before we meet to ensure good decision making at the table.

Matariki, the Marae Wearable Arts Show

We are delighted to be again hosting the Matariki at the Marae Wearable Arts Show on 5-6 July. After a hugely successful show in 2011, we are now in the planning phase of the next event. Watch out for fundraising events. You can check out (and Like!) our Facebook page for further details.

Colour and flair at Matariki at the Marae Wearable Arts Show, Puketeraki Marae, 2011.

Hui te Rangiora Church and marae bookings

Service time is the fourth Sunday of every month at 10am. All welcome. For marae bookings, contact the rūnaka office on (03) 465 7300 or email [email protected]

You can also download the marae booking form from our website www.puketeraki.co.nz